Thursday, October 30, 2003

STORM IN PROGRESS Science/ Astronomy
A severe geomagnetic storm is in progress on Oct. 30th. It began at approximately 1700 UT when a coronal mass ejection (CME) swept past Earth. The CME was hurled toward our planet yesterday by an X10-class explosion from giant sunspot 486. Sky watchers at all latitudes should be alert for auroras.

Just welcoming Hal, I guess....
Hal Clement (1922-2003) Popular Culture/ Science Fiction
Obits and memorials from SFWA
Hal Clement Dies Popular Culture/ Science Fiction
Damn and double damn. Not a kinder, gentler man walked this earth. One of my fondest fannish memories is an evening spent listening to Harry and a couple of other folk singing Welsh folk songs. May his clear sweet voice go on forever.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

How the Poll Results on Iraq Were Manipulated Politics/ Iraq
Lying with statistics, Dick Cheney style.
Taliban has de facto control in some districts: UN Politics/ Afghanistan
They're back. And this time it will be harder to get rid of them. Argument number 4328 on finishing the job you started before finding something else to spend your resources on.
As Factory Job Losses Rise, So Do Risks to Bush Politics/ Globalization
Sending jobs to Indonesia helps our economy how exactly?
Robin Hood's grave 'dug up' Science/Nature
He shot an arrow into the air.....
Palestinians Find Their Voice Online Politics/ Media
Sources for Palestinian views of the conflict with Israel
Verified Voting - Campaign To Demand Verifiable Election Results Politics/ Election Fraud
Another information/action site for changing electronic voting.
GOP Attorneys General Asked For Corporate Contributions Politics/ Corruption
Say it again, children. Just follow the money!
NASA Opens Kecksburg Docs Weirdness/ UFO'S
The SciFi Channel (The SciFi Channel??) as investigative journalists.
Doomwatch: Time to put your tin-foil hat on? Weirdness/ Apocalypse
It's just too, too much. I think I'll go sit over there.
New York's Top Dog? It Depends on the ZIP Code Dogs
What breed of dog you own depends on where in The City you live.
Cleaner at Wal-Mart Tells of Few Breaks and Low Pay Politics/Wal-Mart
The All American company goes all out to give the true American experience to recent immigrants. Low wages, illegal aliens on your crew, sweatshop conditions, brutal supervisors, illegal scheduling, all so that the new arrivals don't miss out. My, how thoughtful!
Acronym Finder Science /Tools
Another useful research tool
X-blogs Internet
The vast majority of blogs are stillborn.
Secrets of mummy-making revealed Science/ Archaeology
The chemistry of mummy preservation
Roman ship sheds light on defenses Science/ Archaeology
Interesting find illuminates life on the Roman frontier
Celebrity cult of vampires can turn into real-life evil Popular Culture
The Guardian tsk, tsk's over LARPing. Poor fellows, no sense of humor.
'Smithgate' could bring down the monarchy Scandals/ Ruling Class
Couldn't happen to a more appropriate bunch of Saxe-Gotha pinheads. And to think people accuse mountainfolk of being inbred.
Halliburton Won’t Back Off Doing Biz In Iran Politics/ Corruption/ Axis of Evil
Yessur, Axis of Evil or not, Dickie boy and his little band of unrepentant thieves are gonna make that buck wherever they can. Too bad the rest of us don't have as much control over his pension payout as he has over ours.
Inside Dope Drug War
Forbes (Forbes?!?!) on the economics of the marijuana business.
Electronic Voting: What You Need To Know Politics/ Election Fraud
More on this threat to the reliability of our elections.

Saturday, October 25, 2003

The Household Cyclopedia 1881 Tools
How to do lots of basic stuff, like growing your own food, repairing simple tools and maintaining your health. Just in case....
Scandal-hit US firm wins key contracts Politics/ Iraq/ Corruption
Just one of the "carefully vetted" firms entrusted with spending our money in Iraq
Rebuilding Iraq-The Contractors List Politics/ Iraq/ Corruption
Can you say crony?
Tap Tap Tap Popular Culture/ Books
A dissenting view on Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. Warning: SPOILERS.
Alix Olson: Word Warrior Politics/ Culture Wars/ Poetry
Poetry as a political act. An inspiration to poets everywhere.
Historian calls for Times' 1932 Pulitzer to be rescinded Politics/ Journalism
Prize was awarded to a journalist who ignored the famine in the Ukraine while writing glowing articles about Stalin.
Class Struggle 101 Politics/ Education
Good article on the effort of blue collar workers at university to earn a living wage, with a discussion on student involvement in the struggle
Oakland, Calif., bans Wal-Mart style superstores Politics/ City Planning
A sensible action by a sometimes not particularly sensible city.
The Nine Planets Astronomy/ Tools
Lots of links to information and images of the nine planets and their moons.
The Worldly Philosopher Politics
Nice interview with Paul Krugman.
The laws list Science/ Tools
If you've lost Avogadro's number or can't remember who was in the Brownian Movement, check out these short elegant articles about the great laws of science.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Visible Earth - Snow in Mid-Atlantic United States Science/ Imaging
This is one of the clearest views of the valley systems of the Central PA Mountains that I have ever seen. WAY COOL!
U.S. arrests 300 workers at 60 Wal-Mart stores Politics/ Business
Forbes, yes Forbes, on Wal-Marts knowing employment of illegals on its cleaning crews. Kind of hard to complain about conditions or ask for a raise if the boss might call La Migra, isn't it?
How North Korea Got the Bomb Politics/ Armageddon
A history of the help North Korea received in developing its nuclear capability
Why Bush Likes a Bad Economy Politics
Interesting essay on why the neocons may not really be trying to fix the economy.
Author Arthur Schlesinger argues dissent essential in wartime Politics/ Dissent
And patriotic, to boot.
Iraq War Planner Downplays Role Politics/ Iraq/ Neocons
Another supporting player in the neocon universe.
Government takes step toward renationalization of the railways Politics/ Neocon/Neolib
British neolibs finding that privatization and deregulation don't necessarily lead to better service.
Silicon Insider: Success Is All in the Feet Business
Analyst finds a silver lining in the very big cloud of the offshore out-sourcing of tech jobs
Discovery of new way to generate electricity means batteries could be powered by water Science/ NewTech
Fill up your batteries at the faucet.
This Land Is Your Land Politics/ Environment
The latest Bush environmental tactic is an attack on the very concept of environmental impact statements.
New LED Light Tech for Amish Buggies NewTech
The Amish as first adopters. Who Knew?
Why U.S. Intelligence Failed Politics/ CIA
Long essay on the history leading up to the failures of US intelligence under the neocons.
Alaskan village invited to test cheap, clean nuclear power Technology/ Environment
"Community sized" nuclear power plant offered to Alaskan village by Toshiba.
'Wrong men' given VCs at Rorke's Drift History
Revisionism strikes again.
'Viking sperm' may add to the gene pool again Weirdness/ Science
Ahh, to be in England....
The Four Geneva Conventions Politics/ Reference
There isn't just "The" Geneva Convention. Here in summary form, are the four Geneva Conventions on conduct during war.
Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud Politics/ Election Fraud
The trail between Diebold and the Republican vote theft gets stronger.
Seymour Hersh’s Pipedream Politics/ Iraq
Niger-forgeries scoop in New Yorker article “The Stovepipe” merits a failing grade! Seymour Hersh has been had by a CIA has-been. A “former senior CIA officer” has gotten him to credit and peddle a preposterous tale about the Niger-uranium forgeries.
No Brass Check Journalists Politics/ Journalism
Studs Terkel on the failure of American journalism.
The fall and rise of the Taliban Politics/ Iraq
Long in-depth article on the Taliban's effort to rebuild itself and the surprising success it is having.
Survey ranks world press freedom Politics/ Press Freedom
The results may suprise you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Slippery as mercury Popular Culture/ Science Fiction/ Books
Neal Stephenson reviewed
Debate over the Scottish empire turns nasty History/ Scotland
Two noted Scottish historians trade charges of muddled writing and addled thinking during a TV debate on the origins of modern Scotland.
Scottish identity is a myth to protect the British Empire History /Scotland
Historian's shock claim on birth of tartanry
How tobacco built modern Scotland History /Scotland
Contraband deals and defiance of English dominance lit up the Scottish economy in the 1600s. But, argues Tom Devine in his new book, once Scots accepted the 1707 Union, went legitimate and revolutionized the Atlantic tobacco trade, they were really smoking
Fears of giant American frog plague after illegal importation Nature/ Scotland
They're over-sized, over-sexed and over there. Giant bullfrogs capable of wiping out local wildlife are being illegally smuggled into Europe from North America as pets.
Denis Moore Popular Culture
Famed cricket batsman Denis Moore, immortalized in Monty Python song, dead at 93
All You Base Is Ours: The History Internet /Humor
At last, all is explain.
EscapeArtist Wish Fulfillment
Living Overseas - International Real Estate, Overseas Jobs - Expatriate Resources - Tax Exiles - Overseas Retirement
Run Away! Run Away!
ASPO the Association for the Study of Peak Oil Politics/ Environment /Peak Oil
More information on Peak Oil. This is a site run by a Swedish academic.
Did Murdoch's "Lone Gunmen" TV show inadvertently reveal 9-11 attacks? Conspiracies/ Paranoia/ 9-11
Ahh, sweet Paranoia. Land of bliss. It seems that the first episode of this short running spin off of The X Files concerned a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center using an airliner. Show aired 4/3/2001. See, it does all tie together I tell you. BwaHaHa!
The deep politics of regime removal in Iraq: Overt conquest, covert operations Politics/ Neocons/ Iraq
More background on the extent of the neocons' pre 9-11 plans for Iraq
8 Marines Charged With Maltreating Iraqi POWs Politics/ Iraq
Saturday, October 18, The U.S. military has charged eight U.S. Marine reservists, including two officers, with brutal treatment of Iraqi prisoners of war that may have resulted in the death of one prisoner.

Interesting that this comes from Agence France-Presse. Haven't seen anything about this in American media despite the fact that the press conference was in California.
American Social Hygiene Posters ca. 1910-1970 Popular Culture
Great graphics with sometimes totally bizarre text. Worth a look.
Definition of Fascism Politics
Clear description of the basics of fascism. Site also has essays on communism, socialism, authoritarianism, anarchism, democracy, republic, and monarchy. A good refresher course in basic terminology.
A conservative's review of Al Franken's 'Lies and the Lying Liars' Politics
A conservative reads Al Franken's new book and, miracle of miracles, is healed of her aversion to the truth.
What al-Qaida could do with 'terror navy' Politics/ Terrorism
Something more to lull yourself to sleep with...
Spam inspires musicians to song Popular Culture/ Music /Weirdness
Spam. Spam. Spam. Spam.
Sorry, couldn't resist.
FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds Tools/ Music
A great tool for computer music composers. What's the weirdest sound on your computer?
The Petition Site - Authentic Petitions. Real Change. Political Action
Hundreds of progressive action petitions gathered in one spot. Sign a few today.
Will corporations own our identities? Politics
You know the world's gone plum blinkin' wacko when you find yourself agreeing with Phyllis Schafly. What's more, she's right.
Detection rescues cause and effect: Information does not really travel faster than light. Science
Yes, some particles may seem to travel faster than light, but information the particles carry can only travel at light speed. Get it? Got it. Good.
Future Horizons Technology/ High Weirdness
Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits - Your guide to Live TV broadcasts on the Internet Technology/ Broadband/ Toys
More things to watch to justify that cable modem.
New Clue on Which Came First, Tools or Better Diets Science/ Anthropology
Article argues that new tools enabled hominids to eat a better diet and therefore enabled them to grow larger brains.
Electronic Voting: I want to understand the issues. Technology/ Electronic Voting
Be informed. This is bad design, bad software and bad public policy. It must be redone.
Probably the most important bit of information I have even published. I hope there's still time....
Stranger in a New Land , Science/ Human Evolution
Stunning finds in the Republic of Georgia upend long-standing ideas about the first hominids to journey out of Africa
Light Sails to Orbit Science/ Space
NASA watches from the sidelines as Cosmos 1, the first solar sail, goes up
The Throat Singers of Tuva Science/ Anthropology/ Music
Testing the limits of vocal ingenuity, throat-singers can create sounds unlike anything in ordinary speech and song--carrying two musical lines simultaneously, say, or harmonizing with a waterfall
Howard's roads to absolute power Politics/ Ruling Class
More on Howard and the Australian neocons
The Library of Congress Tools
An essential site for any researcher
Howard cancels democracy for Bush and beyond: Can we stop him? Politics/ Ruling Class
The neocons in Australia are also dismantling democracy there.
Economist Joseph Stiglitz: Blowing the whistle on Dubyanomics Politics/ Economic Policy
Joseph Stiglitz is sure there'll be no big economic recovery, and blames Bush and Greenspan. Thoughtful review of Stiglitz's new book.
David Icke - Children of the Matrix - The Biggest Secret - Reptilian Agenda - Freedom Road Extreme Weirdness
Mr Icke proclaims that Hitler was the illegitimate grandchild of Baron Rothschild, that Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller lovechild, and that the world is run by a race of shape shifting reptile Illuminati.
This and more can be found on his website. A delight to behold for the conspiracy buff.
Day of the Spoiler by Rick Perlstein Politics/ Primaries
A plea for Leiberman to do the honorable and bow out now.
Le Monde diplomatique Maps Politics/ Tools
A great use of the cartographers' skill in showing how geographic analysis helps our understanding of issues.
Paul Krugman: Mahathir's strident balancing act Politics
My favorite political pundit discusses the recent attempt on his own foot committed by the Malaysian Prime Minister.
The Army of Dean by Kareem Fahim Politics
Interesting discussion of the decentralized nature of Dean's campaign.
New Cheney Adviser Sets Syria In His Sights Politics/New World Order
As Tom Leher put it: Who's Next? Will we remain serene and calm, when Saudi Arabia gets the Bomb?
Forget reds under the bed, there's Arabs in the attic Politics/ Academic Freedom
A particularly chilling tale about what it means to be an Palestinian scholar at an American university.
Ancient carved 'faces' found Science/ Anthropology
Sculptures nearly 200,000years old found in the mountains of Italy.
Molecular Expressions: Images from the Microscope Science/ Fun
Lots of fun with optics. Some great microscopic photos of beer, among other things.
The New York Review of Books: The Awful Truth Politics
Russell Baker reviews Paul Krugman's new collection of political columns. He finds much to praise.
Clear Channel Rewrites Rules of Radio Broadcasting Politics/ Media
More on the media ownership mess.
Report: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia conclude secret nuclear deal Politics/ Armageddon
Oh bloody Helll............

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Stranger in a New Land Science/ Human Evolution
Stunning finds in the Republic of Georgia upend long-standing ideas about the first hominids to journey out of Africa

Monday, October 20, 2003

Dog breed works hand-in-paw with owners Dogs
Good article on the world's most intelligent breed of dogs, the Border Collie.
If only W's ancestors had been bred for intelligence rather than those big ears...
Petfinder Home Page Animal Welfare/ Pets
Reach out and adopt a friend today.
Border Collie Rescue Dogs
The world's smartest dogs deserve the best possible homes.
What's The Big Idea? Politics
More on the Progressive search for the "Big Idea" to counter the Right's 'Let's give all the money (and everything else while we're at it) to the rich' campaign which they do sell so bloody well.
Winning the War of Ideas Politics
Good analysis of Hayek and his commanding influence on the ideas and policies of the right.
Googling the War Party Politics /Propaganda
Lt Colonel who sent out the 500 identical letters from "soldiers" in his unit is no stranger to scamming the media. In fact he's been involved in the Pentagon's little media games many times before.
Electoral Collage Politics /Environment
A special edition of the online magazine Grist on the elections and the environment. Lots of good links to information on voting records and issues.
Snake-oil salesmen Drug Policy
What is it about that old debbil' weed that sends the Bushies so ballistic?
'The future was cancelled' Science Policy
Good article on the reasons for the failure of the first space age.
A monster awakens? Science /Geology
Something is bubbling underneath Yellowstone and it ain't a pot of tea.
Thomas L. Friedman: If Bush could hear Politics
If only W would listen to something besides his old Beach Boys tapes.
Religious Rhetoric of General Has No Place In Govt Politics/ Iraq
More on God's Fighting General.
EPA won't regulate use of dioxin-laced sludge as fertilizer Environment /Food Supply
That's ok. Nothing a cow eats ever comes out in the milk or meat, right?
Noble lies and perpetual war: Leo Strauss, the neo-cons, and Iraq Politics /New World Order
Further analysis of Leo Strauss and his illegitimate intellectual children, the neocons
Oil wars: from Central Asia to Iraq Politics /Oil
More on the battle for the largest remaining untapped oil reserves
Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines Politics/ Election Fraud
Official explanations abound for the Diebold mess.
Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program Politics/ Election Fraud
More technical details about the ease with which Diebold's electric voting system can be jiggered. Really frightening stuff.
Cowboys, Indians, and land: an old saga's new twist Politics/ Environmentalism
Not all Native American tribes view the land in a mystical way. Some want to mine, timber, and farm it for their financial benefit.
Battle of the blogs Internet
Interesting debate on the future of blogging from a London conference
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts Tools
More free downloadable classic texts. Science /Astronomy
-- News and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth asteroids
Look out now Aunt Velma. There's a big solar flare a-commin'. Put on some extree sunscreen.
Can America ''Spin'' Away Anti-U.S. Hatred? Politics/ Belaboring the Obvious
The government actually spent money to fund a report that says lots of people in the World really don't like America very much.
I could have written the report for a lot less money.
Heroin money could fund Kashmir's militants Politics/ India
More money buys more guns and many more bombs.
Tarzan, Indiana Jones & A Global Greenwash Machine Politics /Environmentalism
A portrait of big money's favorite "environmental" front organization
Mahathir: a master of progress and offense Politics /Anti-semitism
More on the unfortunate Mr Mahathir and his permanently inserted foot
Tribes inflamed by Qaeda hunt Politics/ Afghanistan/ War on Terror
Great, another bunch of satisfied customers.....
Australian selling moon plots - Science /Space
Better get hopping. Don't want to miss out on the beach front property on the Sea of Tranquility.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

Human rights lawyer claims Zim cops beat her Politics/ Africa
The next spot in Africa to explode
The Audio-Animatronic Candidate Politics/ Ahnold
Ahnold as the perfect post-Disneyland candidate
Halliburton Allegedly Overcharges in Iraq Politics/War Profiteering
Well, surprise, an oil company gouging at the pump during a crisis.
Get a Move On Science/City Planning
Using GPS technology to ease traffic in Tokyo
Music means more than radio Popular Culture
How Austin uses live music to define itself.
Russians conquer Frankfurt Popular Culture/Books
The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! A powerful new group of Russian writers storms the West's biggest book fair
Behind the veil with a Nobel Prize winner Politics
More from Iran.
The Village Voice: Cartoons: Schlock 'N' Roll: DUMBO by Ward Sutton Politics/Humor
W as a flying elephant. It feels so right...
Many Troops Dissatisfied, Iraq Poll Finds Politics
The truth that Bush cannot begin to face. Even the military is doubting him.
It's Wake-Up Time Science
Just give me the drugs NOW. Yes, 48 Hours without being sleepy. Bring it on.
Pentagon chastises officers on letters Politics
But no one gets an official reprimand or a reassignment.
Peter Linebaugh: Joe Hill and the IWW Politics
Great long article/book review about the Wobs. (Full Disclosure: My Grandad was a Wob and a union organizer. My Dad and 5 of my uncles worked as organizers for the UMWA. My friend Mitch claims that makes me a "red diaper baby". He must be right. I'm closer to being an anarcho-syndicalist left wing social libertarian than anything else.)
Bank chief brands own credit card too expensive Politics
What? A capitalist lackey pig dog banker telling the truth? Must be off his meds again..
10,000 book files, free for the downloading. The great classics of literature, philosophy, history and science. A wonderful enterprise.
Mac Supercomputer: Fast, Cheap Technology
The latest supercomputer is a cluster of 150 or so off the shelf Mac G5's. It's the second most powerful computer in the world.
Prostitute Who Provided Daughter, Niece To Mayor Gets Prison Weirdness /Appalling Shit
I can't even begin to comment.....
Hijack 'suspects' alive and well Politics
Yeah, I'll bet he was surprised to find he was alive, too. After all the FBI never makes a mistake.
'No health benefit' from prayer Politics
Well, thank Ghod we know now.
Senator Byrd Quotes Hermen Goering When Describing Bush Tactics Politics/ Iraq
The old man still has guts.
Thai mouse to risk life for Bush in last line of bio-chemical defence Politics/ Ruling Class
Will W never stop abusing the environment?
Bush Sr. sends Jr. a thinly veiled dispatch Politics/ Ruling Class
It seems that Daddy Bush is really pissed at Baby Bush. He really should spank him and send him to bed without his supper.
Demolition ushers in Bush's visit to Manila / Government tears down shantytown Politics/ Ruling Class
Lord knows we can't have W seeing any poor people. Might confuse the boy.
South American glaciers' big melt Science
We're melting! We're melting! Serious problems in Patagonia and in the Andes as the glaciers begin to disappear
A crowded House of Yankee lackeys Politics/ Ruling Class
Not all Aussies are grateful for their new roll as W's Deputy Sheriff
Quick, just let one go Politics/ Ruling Class
Australian BackBenchers, some of whom are well, not so subtle, debate the art of the fart as a response to Bush's speech before their Parliament.
The Most Radical Act: Do It Today Politics
Get outside. Turn off the damn computer. Take a walk. Jump in some leaves. Romp with your dog. Laugh with your kids.
Megawati applauded Mahathir attack on Jews Politics/ Anti-Semitism
Ah, another of Bush's allies shows her true colors.
Vermont Is Hell Politics
The current anti-Dean slam from the guys at Faux News is that Vermont is unlivable. Lord, smite me. Send me to live in Burlington.
Leo Lincoln? Politics/ Neocons/ Leo Strauss
Why Lincoln is the favorite President of the neocons
Northeast Georgia Council :: Boy Scouts of America :: EVENTS Politics
Not content with just being homophobes and religious bigots, now the BSA invites traitors and hatemongers to speak to kids. It is to Retch.
Rosanne Cash links to Dad's native state Popular Culture/ Music
Rosanne Cash goes to her Dad's boyhood home to do her first concert since his death.
Sounds in Space: Silencing Misconceptions Science
It seems that in space, with a good enough microphone, somebody could hear you scream afterall.
What's Really Visible from Space Science
Much more than the Great Wall of China, apparently
Odd mishaps cause computer grief Technology/ Humor
Oh these poor, poor abused computers! Simply shocking.
BioMed Central | journals Science/ Tools
More free online science journals, mostly biology and medicine on this site
Bad Astronomy: Bad TV Popular Culture/ Hoaxes
More on "The Moon Landing Was a Hoax" Hoax
WHO: Water, Sanitation and Health Science/ Environment
Essential site to understand the next great environmental problem, the worldwide fight for clean water. Popular Culture/ Weirdness
Joyously excessive artwork. Be sure to listen to his absolutely inspired recordings using kareoke technology. A must see (and hear) site.
Ben ladin: Full text of message to US Politics/ War on Terror
Just what the man said.
Bush Ancestor's Bank Seized by Gov't Politics/ Ruling Class
Haysoos! Where have these guys been? The Blatt (and lots of other alternative news sources as well) have been flogging this bit of wonderfulness since before the 2000 election. Nice to see the AP catching up to us at last.
Glass Jaw at the White House Politics/ Ruling Class
Pity the poor Bushies. Now newsmen are daring to ask questions. The questions here are in regard to the 650 person, 5 transport plane entourage that W took with him to Asia.
Feds Want All-Seeing Eye in Sky Politics/ Privacy
Info on the next generation of commercial spy satellites, these should be able to resolve down to a third of a meter or so. Good enough to count individuals in a crowd and identify some if they are distinctively dressed.
Website full of science projects, games and links

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Jim Hightower's Weblog Popular Culture/Politics
The star of progressive radio
A link to longevity: Cholesterol-bearing molecules Science
Choose your ancestors well. Those with lumpier blood will help you live longer.
Apollo Alliance : Apollo Alliance Politics
The progressive "Marshall Plan" for America
Breathing rust - and new life into bug science Science
New microbes found at the bottom of the Potomac challenge the boundaries of life's possibilities
Octopus eyes open new electronic vision Science
New research with octopi!
Who's the fairest one of all? Popular Culture/Books
Gregory McGuire, reteller of the Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch's point of view, mixes the tale of Snow White with the Italy of the Borgia's. No dwarf is safe.
Get your nose out of that book Popular Culture/Books
Michael Dirda writes on how books took him on a life journey from his small midwestern hometown into the wider world.
Note to Tyrannosaurus Rex: Avoid the water Science/Books
New book details the dinosaur monsters of the deep.
It's Still A Crime In Spanish Politics/Environment
Bush's EPA is using government money (oh so very very illegal) to influence Hispanic public opinion on currently pending legislation.
How Soon Is Now? Politics
Bush is starting to sound positively Clintonian. The debate: whether his "now" means right now or some other now.
Sowing Leaders Politics
Russ Baker calls for a "Marshall Plan" here in the USA to rebuild our cities, our education system and to bring hope back to the country. What would you do if you had $87 billion to spend on your country?
More on W's lovely family. Pay particularly close attention to the parts on W's scum sucking Nazi loving Grandpa, Prescott. Seems to be where W got his business ethics from. It is to vomit.
Google - the only archive we'll ever need? Internet
interesting discussion of Google's power as THE search engine. Is it a good witch or a bad witch? Only the future will show.
ResourceShelf Tools
A great site full of sources to ransack for information. Good for years of plunder. Sign up for their daily newsletter that brings a fresh info source to you each morning.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Panopticon Popular Culture/Internet
Cory Doctorow on the blessings of Google. Such a nice sweet boy. So trusting.
With a tip of the sombrero to Mark Bonta Daily Mislead Politics
Great newsletter from with facts and figures on Bush's deceptions, pettifogeries and outright lies.
Wesley Clark: Darling of the 'Wall Street Journal'? Politics
Why the neocons may not be so upset that Wesley Clark is running for President.
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project Weirdness/Science
Oh the humanity. Graphic site on the abuse of twinkie cakes in the name of science. Not for the faint of heart. Or the carbohydrate addicted.
Intelligent Agents and robotic telescopes to help astronomers keep up with the universe Science
More information on current telescopes and the software that manages the research.
Birthday stars Science
Find the star whose light left for Earth on the day you were born.
Patrick Dalzel-Job Said to model for Ian Fleming's James Bond Popular Culture
Friend of Ian Fleming. Participant in WW2 missions against the Nazis.
Thousands of Bolivian Protesters March Into CapitalPolitics
Another of our staunch democratic allies seems to be having problems with his peasants.
Contractors in Iraq accused of importing labor and exporting profitPolitics
Ahh, yes, we want to rebuild Iraq. But we seem to want to keep the Iraqis unemployed.
Azeri police use force to clear protesters Politics
Democracy in action in one of our staunchest Central Asian allies
Bush Pick for EPA Gets Reluctant OK from Senate Committee> Politics/Environment
More background on the maneuvering around the nomination of a new EPA commissioner
Chad: President Deby Turns On Oil Pipeline - and a Path to Riches >Politics/Oil
Exxon again to the rescue. Where would the World be without their generous activity.
Feeding a Hungry World: Is Technology the Answer?> Politics/Globalization
Discussion of some of the latest efforts to bring adequate food to the World's hungry.
Case of the missing tumor>Politics/Religion/Science
Seems the miracles being attributed to Mother Teresa to gain her the coveted fast track sainthood may have been, well, "enhanced" a bit.
Malaysian PM condemned for anti-Jewish speech>Politics
More of this vile insanity from someone who should have known to keep his mouth shut in public. Think Georgie Boy is gonna bring this up when he meets this bozo in Bangkok this week?
Old purple frog danced with dinosaurs>Science
Not just a new species, but a whole new branch of the frog family discovered in India Weirdness/Humor
All those memorable "0ops!" moments from you favorite films.
Clark Tanks Rolled Into Mount Carmel Politics
It seems that General Clark may have been neck deep in the mess at Waco.
The nation's murder rate plummets to a 40-year low Politics
Interesting analysis from a conservative newspaper
Egypt frees 2,277 prisoners under amnesty

Release includes several of the key plotters in the Sadat assassination, who claim to have renounced violence.
Iraq Kurds warn of violence if Turkey sends troops Politics
Are the neocons really this stupid or is this so clever we just can't see the hidden plan behind it?
Clinton: I warned Bush about bin Laden threat Politics
Clinton responds to Rice's whining accusation.
Afghan Music Popular Culture
Lots of examples of a musical style little known in the West. Popular and classical artists are listed.
Court flips middle-finger verdict Politics
The Court extend free speech protection to hand gestures.
Arabic Music and Songs from Lebanon, Egypt and all Arabic countries Popular Culture
Many links to Arabic music.
Turkish Music Links Popular Culture
Links to popular and classical music in Turkish.
Bruce Willis's Kind Gesture Turns Into Night of Horror! Weirdness/Humor
Oh the sheer terror of it all. Trapped with nowhere to run and Bruce is SINGING! It is more than a sane soul could bear.
Neo-con or just plain ol' imperialist unleashed?
Interesting "neo-marxist" analysis of the neo-cons
IRAN: Reformists welcome Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi

TEHRAN, 15 October (IRIN) - Thousands of Iranians descended on Tehran's
city airport on Tuesday evening to welcome their new national hero: the
country's first Nobel Laureate, 56-year-old Shirin Ebadi. Some had
traveled for hours, from cities other than Tehran to be here. Now they
were clutching flowers and waving banners, many of them wearing white to
symbolise peace.

The party atmosphere was joyous and emotional, with people linking arms to
sing Iran's pre-revolutionary national anthem and chant anti-government
slogans. Hundreds of police with batons lined the streets, but looked
bemused by the euphoria, and no animosity ensued between them and the

"Tonight is an exceptional night - it's a momentous moment for children's
rights and women's rights," said Ja'far Vakili, who had come with his wife
and daughter from Karaj, a town an hour's drive from the capital.

As the aircraft carrying Ebadi landed, a deafening roar of cheers,
whistles and claps erupted, only to dwindle to silence as she began
addressing the crowd.

Visibly overwhelmed by the reception, Ebadi wiped away a tear as she
called for peace, human rights, democracy, and freedom to be granted to
all political prisoners, adding that her award belonged to the Iranian
people. "The world has heard our cry," she said.

By becoming a laureate, the human rights activist has further widened the
rift between reformists and hardliners. A vociferous opponent of Iran's
divorce and inheritance laws, and rights violations by the Iranian
authorities, Ebadi has doggedly campaigned for the rights of women and
children. Not only is she Iran's first woman judge, but as a lawyer taking
up politically sensitive cases she was given a suspended sentence, banned
from working and briefly detained.

While reformists are celebrating Ebadi's homecoming from Paris, where she
had been attending a conference when she heard of her award, hardliners
are describing the Nobel judges' decision to honor her as an attempt by
the West to destabilize the Islamic government.

Under pressure from the hardline clerics, Iran's reformist President
Mohammad Khatami's views have taken a U-turn. Initially praising Ebadi's
achievement, saying, "There is no one who does not delight in the success
of a fellow compatriot," a few days later he described the award as "not
very important", and warned the rights lawyer to pay attention to Iranian

To the country's reformists, Khatami's perceived failure to stand by the
progressive movement in the face of pressure from hardliners has caused
frustration and anger. This feeling was reflected at the airport, where,
amid joyous cries of "Long live Ebadi", others were heard furiously
chanting "Shame on you, Khatami".

The lifelong extremes of Robert Lowell
A new edition of his collected poems

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Haiku in English
Haiku site on Japanese newspaper Mainichi's English language site. Contest.
Did E-Vote Firm Patch Election?
More on the e-vote mess.
New Science Mag Spikes Tradition
Article on a new pay to publish, refereed, free reader access online science journal. Interesting new model for academic journals.
Coloring the Universe: Why Reality is a Gray Area in Astronomy
Interesting article on the choices for representation and image manipulation in astronomical photography.
New Look at Fate of the Pillars of Creation
The process shown so compellingly in the Hubble photo is a short lived one. It'll be gone soon, in a million years or so.
Antarctic ozone hole brings stronger winds
Another aspect of climate change
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
YES, I know its poisonous sludge. But have you ever looked at it to see what makes this garbage such compelling sewage to it's adherents? First fabricated out of whole cloth in the late 19th century by a violently anti-Semitic officer in the Okrana (the Czarist secret police), the protocols have been used to justify much of the evil of the 20th century. Learn and fight.

(This link presented in the interest of providing knowledge about our adversaries. I'd recommend not straying too far onto the main site unless you have a strong stomach.)
Double Barreled Double Standards
New evidence finds that John Lott, academic darling of the gun lobby, fabricated important data.
Pasteur knocked off pedestal?: Scottish medic may have cured bacterial disease 20 years earlier than Frenchman
The Scots again!
Brain implant in monkeys called breakthrough
Primate brains controlling a robot arm directly through electrical pickups. A MOST important breakthrough.
Alaska's climate: Too hot to handle
Alaska is warming up more than anywhere else on Earth. Climate researchers are now turning to regional models to find out why - and how to deal with it.
Captain Bligh was framed!
New book by Caroline Alexander "The Endurance" clearly shows that Bligh was framed.
Add your name to the anti-NRA petition on this site and insure that you will be added to the NRA's own Anti-gun Blacklist
NRA Anti-gun Blacklist
The actual list from the NRA website
Senators Say Bush Needs to Take Control
Now even moderate Republicans are beginning to doubt that Bush has a handle on things.
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
Face It, You'll Never Be Rich
More from Michael Moore
GODCHECKER Mythology with a twist!
The Holy Database has gods of everything from Love to Lettuce.
News Batch Summaries
NewsBatch summarizes key policy topics and illustrates this information with easy to read charts and maps. The links to the charts and maps are inserted into the text so the reader can choose whether to have the concept visually illustrated. Wherever possible, references are made to key Congressional votes on these topics and to how these problems are dealt with in other countries.
Well done site.
A 'Cosmic Jerk' That Reversed the Universe
More on the current state of cosmological thinking. (NYTimes. Registration Required)
Telemarketers' Next Target: Cell Phones
Haysoos! Now I'll have to pay for the privilege of being annoyed by siding salesmen.
Evolving by Accident, Not Fitness
An interesting article on the element of chance in evolution. (NYTimes. Registration required)
Enron May Have Influenced FERC Probe
"Kenny Boy" Lay and his buddies may have interfered with the investigation into the California energy pricing mess. What, not surprised?
Neocons now trying to blame Clinton for 911 intelligence failure
Now Condeleeza Rice is claiming the Bushies did nothing about 911 because Clinton never told them that Bin laden was dangerous. Ahem. Yeah, right.
Doors Opening Wider for Exxon
Exxon is being invited to invest in Siberia. Who said it's not all about the oil?
Turn That PC Into a Supercomputer
New technology promises a Cray on every desktop. Who-Hee! Homegrown VR at last!
You Have Broadband. Now What?
Some nice sources of broadband content.
Learning about the world through photography
TrekEarth, a collaborative photo site. Fantastic photography and commentary geared toward making your own photography better. A great site.
Newspapers sent same letter signed by different soldiers
Now even USA Today is on reporting the latest ham-handed Bushie propaganda attempt
Marsh Arabs reclaim their ancient wetlands
More information on the efforts to rebuild an ancient lifestyle
Astronomers claim dark matter breakthrough
It seems that dark matter has been there all the time. We've just been looking in the wrong place.
"Cattle ownership makes it a man's world "
New research indicates the death of matriarchal societies begins with the ownership of cattle
Typical Greenpeace Protest Leads to an Unusual Prosecution
Why is Greenpeace being prosecuted under a law from the 19th centuries meant to regulate sailors' boarding houses?
The forgotten crisis (Canadian Union of Public Employees)
The blackout of 2003 affected as many folks in Canada as the USA and for a longer time. Why then are Canadian officials deferring to the US in analyzing the problem?
All the President's votes?
Soon, the integrity of elections will be in the unchallenged, unscrutinised control of a few large - and pro-Republican - corporations.
More on the electronic voting scandal. A long detail filled article
With thanks to Dave Bonta for the link.
Nobel winner to continue 'struggle'
A prophet with little honor in her own homeland vows to continue her work
Author Pierre wins Booker prize
Another of life's brilliant failures makes it big
The Widening Crusade by Sydney H. Schanberg
More on the neocon vision of continual warfare
"A Miserable Failure"
Will Bush be re-elected? Only if voters wittingly ignore his long list of failures while in office Atlantic Unbound | September 24, 2003
A nicely organized answer to the "Oh, Bush isn't so bad" crowd
Touchdown or Splashdown? Titan Probe May Get All Wet
interesting speculation on what Huygens may encounter on Titan.
Super-Radar, Done Dirt Cheap
A radar system that uses ubiquitous cell-phone signals is on its way
Guess what- not only can you be tracked by using your cell as a locater(whether it's on or off), but these guys have come up with a way to track you using the signals from other cell phones as a sort of radar. Even FM radio signals could be used. OOOOH, isn't it scary kids?
There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch
Science and Technology Sources on the Internet: Freely Accessible Databases for the Public
INASP | Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information (PERI): Free information
Access to Free and Open Access Online Journals and Databases
FAO : Online scientific information on food and agriculture for poorest countries
AGORA offers students and academics free or low-cost access to scientific literature
New Internet speed record set
CERN does it again. Now when can we sign up?
The Open Source community's answer to the Encyclopedia Britannica. More entries. More up to date. And you can participate in the process. Check it out.
Open Source Everywhere
"Software is just the beginning … open source is doing for mass innovation what the assembly line did for mass production. Get ready for the era when collaboration replaces the corporation." - Wired Magazine
A long well reasoned article on bringing the concepts of Open Source software development into the realm of collaborative creativity. An interesting alternative model to the craziness of the current intellectual property rights fiasco.
Dems seek to strip VP of $500K
Cheney tries to claim he has no financial connection to Hallliburton.
Bush administration targets Greenpeace
In a move unprecedented in its history, the US government has indicted an entire organization - Greenpeace, Inc. (the Greenpeace entity in the US) - for the peaceful protest activities of its supporters.

Monday, October 13, 2003

How to get Gen Y to carry ACLU cards
Using Hip Hop concerts and poetry slams to entice the younger crowd to attend ACLU meetings. Great idea.
Women's clinics close as U.S. denies them funds
MOMBASA, Kenya, Miami Herald via NewsEdge Corporation : The Inca clinic has cared for Mathura Mohamed and her two children for 10 years, providing affordable prenatal checkups and pediatric and contraception services.

Now it's about to close its doors to thousands of poor Kenyan women like Mohamed, the latest casualty of a dispute between U.S. groups that are for and against legal abortion, a dispute sparked by the Bush administration's reinstatement of a ban on funding international agencies that provide abortion services.

''This is a shock,'' Mohamed, 29, said after learning that Inca would shut down in December. ``I trust this place. I can afford this. What am I going to do?''


The order denies U.S. funding to foreign health-care agencies if they perform or provide counseling for abortions. Without the money, clinics such as Inca that provide broad health services cannot continue, even though Inca never performed abortions unless the woman was in danger of losing her life.

The Bush administration and groups that oppose abortion say U.S. funds should not pay for abortions overseas. The cutbacks, they say, will affect only a few organizations that refuse to comply with the order, known as the Mexico City policy after it was announced at a Mexico City conference in 1984.

''The Mexico City policy is limited only to family planning organizations that promote abortion,'' said Claire Buchan, a White House spokeswoman. ``Many broad-based programs are not affected.''

Since 1973, U.S. law has banned the use of federal money to pay for abortions. President Reagan signed an order in 1984 that forbade funding clinics that had anything to do with abortion. President Clinton rescinded the order in 1993. In 2001, President Bush reinstated it and extended it to various State Department programs.

Family planning advocates say the funding cuts je opardize the health of tens of thousands of poor women and children on a continent with some of the world's highest rates of infant and maternal deaths, unsafe abortions and AIDS.

African clinics such as Inca tend to be one-stop centers that also do cervical and breast-cancer screening, baby immunizations and HIV counseling. In regions hit hard by AIDS, they are often the only providers of adequate health services.


''This is the real face of Bush's compassionate conservatism: a war on the world's most vulnerable women and children, who bear the brunt of Bush's obsession with appeasing his domestic political base,'' said Gloria Feldt, the president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Critics say the regulation will not achieve its main goal of discouraging abortion in developing nations. They say reduced access to contraception could cause more unwanted pregnancies that will end in abortions. In Kenya, where abortion is illegal except to save a woman's life, health workers fear a rise in unsafe procedures.

''This is like signing a death warrant for women,'' said Fidelis Wambui, 48, a soft-spoken head nurse at the Inca clinic, shaking her head.

Many organizations, especially Christian groups, have accepted the order and kept their U.S. funding.

But the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which helps fund the Inca clinic, and another large family-planning agency, Marie Stopes International, have refused. Between them, they operate or aid clinics in more than 180 nations. They say counseling on abortion goes hand-in-hand with comprehensive health care.

The clinic's gynecologist, George Ogutu, said most clients were treated for vaginal infections, sore throats, coughs and skin infections. .end (paragraph)<< Miami Herald -- 10/12/03, p. 22 >>

<< Copyright ©2003 The Miami Herald >>
Source : Miami Herald (USA)

Miami Herald (FL); October 12, 2003
Last-minute Rings filming
Filming for The Return of the King continues, six weeks out from its world premiere in Wellington
Mainichi Track honors world's worst racehorse

Part 'Amazing Race,' Part 'Where's Waldo?'
At last, a sport I might have a chance at winning.
A Tale of Two Fathers
Nice bit on the war for W's tabula rasa brain between W's "good" father (George HW) and his "bad" father (Dick Cheney)
from NYT, registration required
Femininity gang-raped by a prurient press yet again
The media is once again blaming the victim.
Franco goes to Hollywood?
If the Spanish can learn to laugh about Franco, does that mean that the Reagan Follies will be coming soon?
Afghanistan's slide towards chaos
And don't forget, we haven't finished Act 1 yet.
Bush Steps Up Effort to Destabilize Castro's Regime
After trying the same thing for 45 years and not being very successful at it, maybe we should try something else.
Ahhh, there I go, thinking again.
White House Eases Land Rules for Miners
Gosh it's such a great time to be a troglodyte anti-environmental jerk.
Bush Planned Iraq 'Regime Change' Before Becoming President
I had read this charge before. Here is the chapter and verse.
The president's real goal in Iraq
A clear concise analysis of the neocon agenda in Iraq
Many soldiers, same letter
The latest DOD morale booster, form letters from the front.
US Warning to New Zealand Seen as 'Pique' Over Iraq
Yeh, gotta take a hard line with them Kiwi's. Never know when they might reveal themselves to be the terrorists they are at heart. Why don't we pick on somebody closer to our own size? SHEESH.
Leave screw-ups challenge morale
From Stars and Stripes, official newspaper of the Armed Services
Confusion at the top over home leave policy is damaging morale in Iraq.
Pumping Empire and Losing Job Muscles
Boola Boola economics explained
Trashing Free Software
The free software movement vs big Bill. Or how using Linux will be declared a subversive act.
The Awful Truth About General Wesley Clark
A "true" Democrat or another sneaking neolib stalking horse?
Schwarzenegger-Ken Lay Meeting Emails Now Online
The notes from the meeting that Ahhnold claims he has no memory of. Just him and Kenny (W's Best Buddy) Lay and a bunch of Enron marketing people during the heart of the California energy brouhaha.
Arnold Unplugged - It's Hasta la Vista to $9 Billion
Kiss your $9billion goodbye, California.
Diebold End-Runs Around Certification
More on the electronic voting scamming of America.
The Malling of America
Even the capitalist elite have begun to question the idea of a Starbuck's on every block.
With a tip of the old Cub's cap to Dave Bonta
Mark Crispin Miller
More on the DOD propaganda letter writing campaign, from Mark Crispin Miller's blog.
A privately run site with its own terror alerts showing the actual information that prompted the alerts so that we can judge for ourselves the probability of trouble. A bit too survivalist at times, but it probably comes with the territory. - The Internet's Most Popular Conspiracy Discussion Forum
Ahh, sweet paranoia! A great site for exploring the current mental state of the worried, the frightened, and the disturbed.
Reasons To Believe
Answers from the Creationists' camp of captive scientists reconciling Creationism with observed data. Fascinating.
Military Largely Comprised Of Rural Americans
An article discussing the disproportionate number of the military that come from poor rural areas. Interestingly enough, though the article cites low levels of military service among the membership of Congress, it fails to mention Bush's failure to serve or the nearly complete dearth of military service among the neocon leadership in the Defense Department and on the National Security Council.
The Word Spy
A great site for the lexicographer. New words and new meanings for old words.
Water of life returns to the wetlands
One of the good things in Iraq. The Marsh Arabs are given back their water.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

A Very American Coup
Lots of info on the disaster waiting to happen when we switch over to electronic voting. I think it's time to go back to using paper ballots, frankly. Anything else is just too open to manipulation. So the count will take longer. So what.
Two Wily Old Dogs Shaking Off Fleas
Interesting analysis of some of the longterm effects of the California recall. Seems that it just might be the death knell for the small third party organizations that have sprung up in California lately. Unintended consequence or Machiavellian master stroke?
Answers please, Mr Bush
Lovely bit of an anti-Bush screed from my propagandist hero, Michael Moore.
Hitching its way to the big screen
HURRAH! At long last. HitchHikers's Guide to be a movie!
Personally, I'd vote for Hugh Laurie over Hugh Grant for Dent, despite Douglas Adam's stated pref for Grant. And even though I'm no big fan of Jim Carrey, he'll do alright as Zaphod. Robin Williams would be better, though.
Open to Attack: Bush Gives In to Chemical Companies, Leaves Nation Vulnerable, by Anne-Marie Cusac
Another sleep destroyer of an article. These clowns in Washington just don't get it.
What's wrong with the electric grid? - The Industrial Physicist
A good in depth technical overview of the problems with our power grid. Enough to make you think about buying some batteries and a pile of candles.
Heysoos Kreestay on a Raft! This is just so repulsively disgusting that I had to post the thing intact so you could see I wasn't making it up. And they dare to bitch that the Pope didn't get the Nobel Peace prize this year. Give me a break.

Roman Catholic Church Urges HIV Sufferers to Ditch Condoms

Agence France-Presse; October 10, 2003; International News
HEADLINE: Roman Catholic Church Urges HIV Sufferers to Ditch Condoms: BBC
Agence France-Presse via NewsEdge Corporation: The Vatican is urging HIV sufferers around the globe not to use condoms, claiming contrary to health experts' advice that they do not help protect against the deadly virus, a BBC investigation has revealed.

HIV can pass through tiny holes in condoms, Roman Catholic leaders in four continents told a BBC television programme to be screened in Britain on Sunday.

Their claims, extracts of which have been released to media ahead of broadcast, are made in the BBC's award-winning investigative show Panorama, in an edition entitled "Sex and the Holy City".

The Roman Catholic church fiercely opposes artificial contraception, claiming it promotes promiscuity.

"The AIDS virus is roughly 450 times smaller than the spermatozoon," one of the Vatican's most senior cardinals, Alfonso Lopez, told the programme.

"The spermatozoon can easily pass through the 'net' that is formed by the condom," he said.

The show heard from a Catholic nun advising her HIV-infected choir master not to use condoms with his wife because "the virus can pass through".

Meanwhile the Archbishop of Nairobi, Raphael Ndingi Nzeki, said condoms were helping to spread the virus.

"AIDS ... has grown so fast because of the availability of condoms," he said.

According to Panaroma, the claims about condoms are repeated by Catholics as far apart as Asia and Latin America.

"Statements like this are quite dangerous," a spokeswoman for the World Health Organisation told BBC News Online.

"We are facing a global pandemic which has already killed more than 20 million people and currently affects around 42 million.

"There is so much evidence to show that condoms don't let sexually transmitted infections like HIV through. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong," she added.
<< Agence France-Presse -- 10/10/03 >> | Washington Implodes
A nice bit of analysis on the changing press coverage of the Bush administration. Maybe there are a few reporters with brains and guts after all.
Book Promotion Tours, on $0 a Day
A great idea. Worthy of further investigation and consideration.
Pentagon sold 'bio-packs'
Jesus, I feel ever so much safer knowing these guys are watching my back.
The State Of Sustainable Coffee
Good overview.
What is Bambino's Curse?
This is for Kathy Morrow (the Younger). Go Red Sox! Die Yankee Pig Dogs!
And go Cubs! (that's for me)
Welcome to the White House - WWW.WHITEHOUSE.ORG
HahHAHaHahahA! What a nice bit of cybersquatting. Hysterically funny and so so nasty.
World Sunlight Map
Elegant and beautiful. I live for stuff like this.
Pickover Report -- Breaking News in Science Near The Edge
A nice "weird" science web site from Pickover, champion of fractals and popularizer of arcane mathematics. He lists tons of useful links to cutting edge math, physics and astronomy sites and lots of good links to useful reference sites, too. Plus some controversial skeptic/believer pages for good measure. Hours of fun.
Surviving Columbus in Puerto Rico: the myth of extinction
New genetic studies show that despite myths to the contrary, Native Americans were not totally wiped out in the Caribbean. Something like 60% of all Puerto Ricans have Native DNA inherited from their mothers' ancestors.
Yale Bonesmen engaged in macabre business
This is almost too sick to contemplate. Apparently Skull and Bones actually has some real skulls and bones about the old clubhouse. Geronomo's skull may be among the trophies, courtesy of W's grandpappy Prescott, the Nazi war profiteer. The more I hear about this family the sicker I become.

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Boston Globe / Editorial / Why the Patriot Act worries booksellers
Literacy in U.S. Cities
Some surprising results, though I question some of his assumptions.
SkyHigh Airlines
Who knew a corporation could have a sense of humor?
Check out Alaska Airways answer to airline hell.
Bench seating indeed.....
The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches
Keep watching the skies....
Left Hemisphere
Great site with many links for the skeptic/rational thinkers among us.
Arabs, Westerners clash at Dubai Media Summit
Another example of the gulf separating the two cultures. We can't even seem to agree on what constitutes freedom of expression.
Executive privilege seen as leak-case option
This from the administration that was going to restore integrity to our government. It is to retch.
All Galaxies to Become Ghosts, Frozen in Time and Space
'Brane-Storm' Challenges Part of Big Bang Theory
The Big Rip: New Theory Ends Universe by Shredding Everything
Space Seen as Finite, Shaped Like a Soccer Ball
Some light reading to keep away the cobwebs.
General science educated layman articles on the current theoretical battles in cosmology. Great fun.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003