Sunday, December 31, 2006

Milestone, Millstone, You Decide.

Sometime this week (most likely Tuesday) visitor number 10,000 will click on to this humble blog. Whether by intent or confusion, whether a visit from our regular reader(sic) or simply some poor soul lost in the mighty blogosphere, we welcome you. Pull up a chair, spit on the rug and call the cat a bastard if you wish.

When I started this little island of egotism, I really expected nothing. And, with apologies to Dr. FrankNFurter, I have received it in abundance. With a new blog being born every second or so, many, many of them don't even get the minimal traffic we do here. It's just that at times it is hard to maintain regular activity in the face of such overwhelming indifference.

Carping aside, I'd like to thank some of the folks who make blogging worthwhile to me. Without my minimalist effort here I would never have become blog-interested enough to find:

  • ae still striving to save the world from her post on arsepoetica
  • fellow geographer/historian Eric illuminating the world on alterdestiny
  • the magnificent Corndog himself of Corndogmatic fame,  lover of things odd and musical
  • my journalistic hero  Diane and her always thoughtful Dee's Diversion
  • magnificent grumbler doghouse riley at Bats Left Throws Right
  • Chris Clarke and Zeke  following that Creek Running North forever
  • Fred First sharing his wonderful life in Floyd, Va. on Fragments from Floyd
  • Patrick and Teresa Making Light with the best commenting  team on the web
  • Herr Professor Berube taking my head for a postmodern spin yet again
  • My ArchPoet Dave leading the way on the Via Negativa
  • John Scalzi saying Whatever he wants
A special shout out goes to my blogging compatriot, Kolchak, without whom precious little real writing would occur hereabouts. Many thanks for your support, Bill., and keep writing those columns

Afterall, I still know where the manuscript with a stake through its heart is buried.

Thank you all. It's been a great honor to be allowed  out of this dark musty corner of Blogistan to comment on your superb blogs,  fools that you folks may be to associate with this cursed anarchist, this sordid malcontent, this Wob.

Most of all, Thanks for All the Fish!

I beg to remain,



kolchak said...

Thank you, Drummer. It's a pleasure to be here.

arse poetica said...

Thank you for finding me, handdrummer, because it means I was able to find you.

Thanks for all the fish and the blankie and cookies when It All Becomes Too Much.


handdrummer said...

The 10,000th visitor arrived a bit early, 8:18pm on New Year's Day. Visitor logs point to a likely suspect, our very own Kolchak.

Next barrel of chum is on me Bill.

Freudian Slip said...

It must feel good to know that all of these people actually care about what you say :)