Saturday, January 13, 2007

Robert Anton Wilson

from the San Jose Mercury News

Robert Anton Wilson, author of 'Illuminatus' trilogy, dies at 74

CAPITOLA, Calif. - Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of the cult classic "The Illuminatus! Trilogy," a science-fiction series about a secret global society, has died. He was 74.

Wilson died peacefully of natural causes at his home Thursday in Capitola in Santa Cruz County, his daughter Christina Pearson said Saturday.

Post-polio syndrome had severely weakened Wilson's legs, leading to a fall seven months ago that left him bedridden until his death, Pearson said.

Wilson wrote 35 books on subjects such as extrasensory perception, mental telepathy, metaphysics, paranormal experiences, conspiracy theory, sex, drugs and what he called quantum psychology.


Wilson's Illuminatus books were the main source for the group mythology of my fannish cohort in the late 70's.

Life was frequently  explained by a reference from the books. 

I know I for one will never look at the number 23 in the same light again.

Thanks for the mindfuck, Mr Wilson.

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