Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So Long (for a While.....)


Mitch H. said...

What? What's going on?

handdrummer said...

Kolchak and I are going on hiatus for a bit. Bad case of blognosis.

Frankly, I can't bring myself to comment on the sorry state the country is in. So rather than get worked into a lather over something I have no power over, I'm withdrawing for a while.

Maybe the presidential primary craziness will inspire me, tho given the current bunch of candidates and the chances of my agenda being addressed by any of them, I'm not holding my breath.

I'll still be around in SC, but I'll be traveling a fair amount over the next 6 months in celebration of my retirement from bookselling.

Philly, LA, Hong Kong, and Thailand this fall for sure. Then home for the Solstice and on to my brother's wedding New Year's Eve. After that, NYC, Boston, and DC in late winter.

Maybe Amsterdam/Bruges/Paris in the spring.

I'll be back blogging sometime in the fall. I plan to blog everyday during my trip to Thailand in November.

Dave said...

This is why I almost never blog about politics. It just makes for frustration, burnout, and (for me at least) extremely poor prose.