Saturday, November 01, 2003

Bush Ignores Soldiers' Burials Politics/ Iraq/ Ruling Class

Mr. Bush has not attended even one funeral service for our dead from his adventure in Iraq. Nor has he sent personal condolences to any of the families.

This is the man who claims we must do everything we can "for our troops in Iraq". He cuts combat pay, reduces VA medical benefits and gives his cronies massive amounts of Iraqi contract graft. It's just more harsh proof revealing him as the lying hypocrite he is.

I have three brothers in the Air Force, a niece in the Navy and a nephew in the 82nd Airborne. It hurts them very much to see how little their lives mean to the President.

Of course, as working class folk from a small farming town in the middle of the PA wilderness, Mr Bush has absolutely no awareness of either the quality or the fact of their existence. Nothing from their lives will ever touch him. He, the proud legacy graduate of Yale and Harvard, will never know the desperation that drives a poor farm kid to join the military because it's the only real job he's been offered out of high school or the only way he might have a chance to pay for college.

When the call came to defend the country from harm, my family members bent to the job they had volunteered for. They did not hide out in a cushy National Guard battalion stateside and nor did they refuse to fulfill even that modest requirement of service. But then, they're not members of the Ruling Class, are they? Merely proles after all, smelly and worthless, fit only to labor until death for an inadequate wage or to fight until shot in an ill conceived war fought mainly to profit a bunch of greedy corporatist scum.

Mr. Bush says we shouldn't do or say certain things because to do so would be to act as if there is a class war. Why shouldn't we? His side has been doing it for centuries.

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