Friday, May 27, 2005

from deconsumption: Oh my Gosch!

Three weeks ago I listed a number of developing stories that I thought threatened the current administration, including the truly 'outside' Gannon/Guckert/Gosch story which threatened to bring down the American political system as we know it. As I wrote then:
'...evidently the Mainstream Media's take is: 'how did Gannon/Guckert ever get a press pass?', while the story being uncovered in the Independent Media wonders: 'is Gannon/Guckert really Johnny Gosch, a former child-victim of an elite Satanic pedophiliac brainwashing-abuction ring operating at high levels of government and who is now serving as a homosexual blackmail/spy within the White House?'

Obviously the real story lies somewhere in the middle...but you have to wonder...just how far into the middle would it need to go before a massive 'diversion' becomes necessary? (more)

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