Friday, February 10, 2006

Poem of the Day

The Physical Becomes the Personal by Loyal F Ramsey

All appearance to the contrary,
I am but one score and twelve,
My body ravaged
By years of dissolution,
And unceasing masturbation.

Take special care to heed not my tales of the sixties,
A decade surely over long before my mind's birth.
There is no possibility
That I could know whereof I speak,
My young and supple mind
Trapped as it is
In this body of some aged monster.
The spirit living here
Calmly demanding the things of youth,
The body, punished for its continual indulgence,
Sadly moldering on.

Obviously, this dissonance will not be resolved in my favor.

So, young beauty,
Do not shy away from this hideous spectacle,
Age has captured the shell,
But the heart remains pristine.

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