Thursday, February 09, 2006

We're Baaaack!

Well at least Kolchak and I have returned from our involuntary exile from this hallowed realm, this blessed discourse, this progressive haven, this blogosphere. havana gila is off on an extended roadtrip along the competitive poetry slam circuit. We wish her well.

I can only comment that preparing the paperwork for grant proposials rivals my conception of what being in purgatory must be like. Endless, meaningless triviality presaging terrible final decisions. With lots of tedious terror-filled waiting in between. Well, as Ficus Panderatta once remarked on the long forgotten Quark, "Now we wait for the bee!"

Kolchak met his deadline, finishing a chapter for a scholarly/pop-culture book on the TV show Lost. His latest publication, a chapter in Farscape Forever! Sex, Drugs, And Killer Muppets, a book on the late, lamented TV series, is freshly out on the stands. Go thou and purchase said tome at once.

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