Friday, April 21, 2006

Avast! Map of Pirate Activity off Somalia.

from Cartography:

UNOSAT is a United Nations initiative that seeks to provide satellite imagery and mapping products to the humanitarian community. To access satellite imagery users need to be part of “an active member organization”- that is, an organization that is part of the U. N. system or one that is working in accordance to U. N. policies.

Some maps are created and made freely available, usually in response to a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. Recent examples include maps of the area around Mount Merapi, a currently smouldering volcano in Indonesia, piracy around the Horn of Africa and maps of Lorestan Province in Iran, site of a recent earthquake.

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Brad Parker said...

Geez--it's too bad they can't get some humanitarian relief in there, so that piracy wouldn't be necessary. Oh yeah--they tried that back in '93 with Operation Gothic Serpent and Task Force Ranger. Guess they're on their own...they sort of brought this on themselves.