Friday, April 21, 2006

Happy Birthday

Catherine II the Great

Reigned as Empress of Russia for more than three decades
The epitome of the "enlightened despot"

(sorry, couldn't resist.)

John Muir
(1838 – 1914)

Scottish-American environmentalist, naturalist, explorer, writer, inventor, and geologist

The spiritual father of the modern conservation movement.

Anthony Quinn

(1915 – 2001)
Mexican-American actor, painter, and writer.

He is best known for his performance in Zorba the Greek.

He showed us how to live the full catastrophe!

Elaine May

(1932- )

American screenwriter, movie director, and performer

One of the funniest people alive.

Charles Grodin

( 1935- )

American actor and comedian

The embodiment of droll.
A very funny man.

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