Friday, July 08, 2005

A Favorite Place

Broadway, the greatest street in the world


The Heretik said...

You are so right,but I like Bleecker and St. Marks Place too, my friend. Thanks as always for the great vibe around here.

handdrummer said...


Bleeker is also very high on my list. This post is just the first of many on favorite places in NYC. I actually could post Manhattan as my all time favorite place, but then I wouldn't have the fun of showing all individual spots I love.

In another life having made some different decisions than the ones I made in this one, I moved to Manhattan at age 20 and had a long career writing for off-off-off-off-OffBroadway.

Or General Hospital.


Thanks for the kind words about the Blatt. We aim to be an oasis of insanity in a world where sanity has lost any meaning.

And you, keep 'em flying over at your place. You continually astound me with your visual wit and your incisive writing. Many thanks for fighting the good fight with such beauty, strength and control.

I'm taking a bit of time off from the political infighting to lick some psychic wounds and rebalance my karmic storage batteries. Hence the effort at being positive around here.

But I shall return to bash the corporatist scum in the near future, never fear!