Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy Birthday

Nikola Tesla
Scientist, Inventor, Visionary


roger said...

happy birthday nikky. i presume a bit there, never having met nikola tesla. a very interesting man.

thanks for the reminder.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

And I thought the dread pirate roberts was the only fan of Nikola Tesla. Shows you what I know!

handdrummer said...

I've been fascinated with Tesla since I came across his biography back in the 70's. Here's a man who arguably laid the foundation for modern urban life (alternating current, flourescent lighting, heavy duty electrical generators and motors, electric railway locomotives, household appliances, long distance power transmission) and he is barely mentioned in the history books. When he is mentioned it is usually just to comment on how strange he was.

And I also am fascinated by the elaborate conspiracy lore that has grown up around his admittedly bizarre life. Was he an alien or a time traveller? After his death, did the Russians actually steal his research papers and take them back to the Eastern Bloc to build super weapons? Is the Air Force's HAARP project really a version of one of Tesla's broadcast power transmitters configured as a weather control device?

Tasty paranoia is always a treat around here. And Tesla has an ardent following of some of the more paranoid outliers in the human population.

Great fun.

roger said...

if i remember his biography correctly, he visualized alternating current motors and generators, not as machines but as "interacting fields," when he was fairly young and spent many years understanding his vision and implementing it with actual motors and generators.

he also envisioned some wireless way of transmitting, perhaps disseminating, electrical energy.

his story does attract conspiracy buffs.

didn't edison steal some of tesla's ideas? i'm too lazy to look it up now. something about the competition between general electric and westinghouse.