Sunday, July 17, 2005

Happy Birthday


Blogger, bookseller, curmudgeon, geographer, poet, science fiction fan

  • Penn State Science Fiction Society (1969)
  • Zen Druid Lunatics (1974)
  • Central PA Science Fiction Association (1976)
  • Twice Told Tales Bookshop (1984)
  • Seven Mountains Books (1993)
  • Webster's Bookstore Cafe (1999)
  • Wordstock, A Festival of Language (2001)
  • Committee to Defenestrate the President (2004)
  • Holy Fool Press (2005)
  • Chief Book and Wattle Cosher, CPaSFA Alumni Association
  • Convenor, Spring Creek Slammers poetry group
  • Roommate of HRH, The Lady Xanthippe, Feline Ruler of the Universe

  • Player of ashikos, djembes and other hand percussion
  • Amateur chef and professional eater
  • Lover of all things hop flavored
  • Friend to all dogs
  • Servant to all cats
  • Loyal to friends, Kind to strangers and Unforgiving of idiots


Biotress said...

Happy Birthday!

Diane said...

Have a wonderful birthday, handrunner!

Mitch H. said...

Happy birthday, Fred.

Diane said...

I was obviously so affected by your birthday, I lost my spelling skills...

Kolchak said...

Hope you had/are having/will have a good one!

d said...

belatedly.... Happy Birthday! July is a good month to have these things...

ae said...

handdrummer, a million blessings and happiest birthday wishes for you! forgive the hokeyness, but i'm sending a cyber-hug. {{{{{{hd}}}}}}