Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election 2006, the Aftermath

Most of the rhetoric since the election has been about being nice and insuring co-operation. Already, the posts, press and pundits have begun about how ungracious we are in victory. UNGRACIOUS! Fuck them and the spavined horse they rode in on. Friends, these people called us traitors. They claimed we were terror enablers. They lied us into a quagmire. They mocked us at every turn for questioning their Dear Leader.

These pukes don't play nice and we'd be fools if we did so ourselves.

I'm glad that we managed to build at least a partial roadblock to the worst Bush excesses. But even that depends on the remarkably inept in opposition Dems remembering how to be in the majority once again. Frankly, we've seen little evidence of that happening in the couple of days since the election.

I say we need to investigate like demons from Hell. Find every scrap of dirt and swill that passes for policy in this administration. Subpoena everything they have. E-mails, official records, meeting notes, phone conversation tapes, car rental records, travel docs, hooker receipts, cocktail napkins, even their children's report cards. Make their eyes, ears and fingers bleed from effort of responding. Investigate them to the point of stagnation. It's the only way we can stop the ongoing dismantling of the regulatory apparatus that protects us.

It's all nice and warm and fuzzy to win the election. But if we play the game the way the Neo-pukes and their media lackeys are trying to dictate we do, WE WILL LOSE!

We have to stand tall, haul back and kick these fools in the balls. And kick them again. And again until they never dare to trample on our Constitution again. Punish them so the next time some lying sack of shit tries to send young brave Americans into battle on fabricated data, the whole country rises as one and spanks their asses raw.

So it is written. So should it be.

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arse poetica said...

I say we need to investigate like demons from hell, too. Bring on the subpoenas, people! They can't put these criminals in jail fast enough for me.