Thursday, November 09, 2006

What He Said.....

Mark over at Spittle and Ink nails my feelings about the election results pretty well.

As we see, the Democratic seats gained in the Senate do little for people needing a truly progressive, Liberal approach to government. The majority of Dem pickups are hard-right leaning DINO's. Not an unbleak picture.

The House shows better results, but still not great. Of the 28 seats picked up, nine of those have gone to conservative Democrats who would look right at home in a Reagan or Bush 41 GOP. But there are enough "true" Liberals in the pack to make me a bit happier about the House results over those in the Senate.

In short, however, a review by positions instead of Party affiliation reveals to us what won't be happening any time soon, under this "Nude Erection" brought in by voters:

  • There will be no living wage. You might get a symbolic minimum raise hike, but nothing to break the poverty level.
  • Immigrants will still be shit on and labeled a "threat."
  • There will be no movement whatsoever to crack down on corporate fraud, or corporate control of government.
  • There will be no change in the country's hardline position supporting Israel at all costs.
  • There will be no change in the country's treatment of Islamic nations as threats by default.
  • Abortion rights will still be very much at risk.
  • Race relations will not improve at all.
  • Education will not improve significantly, if at all.
  • Poverty -- which was addressed by virtually no candidate listed above! -- will not be reversed.
  • Veterans services will not improve significantly, if at all.
  • Labor union rights will continue to be trampled.
  • Third parties will continue to be effectively illegal.
  • Rhetorical patriotism will continue to trump logic and discussion.

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