Friday, November 10, 2006

Thank You, Dr. Dean.

Many thanks Dr. Dean. You were right about the 50 states strategy and you held to your guns to implement it. We are lucky to have you chairing the party. Now, lean on those we elected and help them do their jobs investigating these Neocon pukes.

(Tho, to be honest, I'd rather be thanking you for your actions as President. The country really lost out in that decision.)

UPDATE: Reports are coming in that James Carville and some others of the ball-less wonders at the DLC are calling for Dr. Dean's replacement. They do so at their peril. I suspect that if they try, Dr. Dean will grind them beneath his heel like the bugs they are, but should they succeed, the Democratic Party would be toast. I know I'd leave my 40 year membership behind in a heartbeat if they did this. So would a good many others.

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arse poetica said...

handdrummer, honey, where's that blankie? I just can't deal w/ this Carville bullshit AT ALL. I would leave that party (which I already have a foot and a half out of) so fast that, that ... well, something v. blurry and speedy would happen.