Thursday, June 02, 2005

CNN Headline

from Darmha Bums:

This CNN headline struck a nerve.
FBI exhumes body of boy killed in 1955.
That boy has a name. That boy was Emmett Till. Don't call him boy.
Here try this:
The FBI exhumes the poor, tortured body of Emmett Till killed by bigots in 1955.
FBI exhumes body of Emmett Till.
Emmett Till's body exhumed by FBI
There are so many ways to convey this information.
Just don't call him boy.

UPDATE: FBI exhumes body in shocking murder of teen.

CNN actually changed the headline. I'm glad.
posted by Rexroth's Daughter at 9:42 AM

Boy? Boy? BOY!!!!? Who the hell ARE these people anyway? Absolutely NO sense of history or decency. BOY?!?!? Unfuckingbelievable.

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