Sunday, June 19, 2005


from The Heretik:


Some Call Love the Fire of Heaven. What does one call the fire of hell on this earth?
In our perverse place between the shining heights and the dark depths, even the most lawless occasions yet have limits, lest some bellowing beast of oblivion swallow last memory of morality in its hideous mouth. Even war has laws. Wisdom would place limits on what savagery we would inflict upon our enemies. In our foolishness we have also lied to our British friends in the War on Iraq.

June 17, 2005: American officials lied to British ministers over the use of "internationally reviled" napalm-type firebombs in Iraq. Yesterday's disclosure led to calls by MPs for a full statement to the Commons and opened ministers to allegations that they held back the facts until after the general election. [5]

The story of the United States use of MK 77 has been out there for anyone willing to see it. Our blindness revealed may now be fatal to the way the world sees us. In a war fought for public reasons of removal of weapons of mass destruction, we have used a weapon no other country has in its arsenal. If our leaders feel no shame about this, why have the military lied about this weapon most famously rememberd for the infamous Viet Nam era photo of Kim Phuc.


THE STORY OF MK 77 IN IRAQ FROM MULTIPLE SOURCES PAINTS ONE SAD PICTURE One hesitates to look at horror, but not to look is worse. Would the British have joined the dubious battle on the plains of Iraq had they known such weapons would be used?

BushCo has consistently denied any use of napalm or napalm derivative weapons in Iraq. Like so much else about this war, they have been lying to us and to our allies.

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