Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bush gives Saudis a break

Can't ask W to go against his brother The Prince now. Wouldn't be prudent.

from DED Space:

On slave trade, child sex workers, and forced laborers

In the newest chapter of the George W. Bush book on encouraging Saudi oppression, the resident decided yesterday to waive financial sanctions on Saudi Arabia for failing to address the problems of its slave trade of prostitues, the exploitation of children as sex slaves, and the practice of forced labor, the victims of which are mostly women and children.

Bush gave the Saudis a break because they are our "ally" in the war on terrorism. What, may I ask, is terrorism, if not forcing children to engage in sex acts and work in sweat shops?

There will be no outrage from the "values" corps, who are at home rubbing their sweaty hands on their Bibles and drooling over how well their leader is handling disaster recovery. I somehow doubt there will be much outrage from the "liberals," either.

Bush's war on women and children--and on the poor in general--is the greatest atrocity of his administration. First,
hundreds of thousands of women and children in Africa, then the drowning people in New Orleans, and now this.

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