Monday, September 12, 2005

Health update

Just a note to my loyal reader.

I'm recovering reasonably well from the severe dry atmosphere bronchitis. After a week of steroids and lots of much needed sleep, I can now speak an entire paragraph without breaking into a violent paroxism of coughing. True, I am in the steely grip of a steroidal manic phase now. Best not to get too close. "Edgy" is the polite way to put it. Bitchy, crabby, nervous, just plain nasty mouthed would be another.

My poor sweet cat must think I'm possessed. Violent explosive coughing. Hallucinations from lack of sleep. A snarl and a huff when she tries to comfort me. Yes, I've either temporarily become a demon.

Or a Republican.

Such joy.


denisdekat said...

Did you at least gain some muscles?

The Viscount LaCarte said...

Your poor cat!

Glad to hear you are on the mend. Not too sure that it would be a good idea to give steroids to a Republican though.

One "governator" (jeez did I REALLY type that?!) is more than enough!

halcyon67 said...

Your cat probably isn't that freaked out. He probably thinks you have a hairball! Hahaha. Not really. :)

handdrummer said...

Yes, Xanthippe has seen Shreck. Though I'm no where close to being as cute as Puss 'N Boots, she tells me.

The meds seem to have done their job. I have been able to sleep the night through for the past couple of days. And the steroids are washing out of the system. The urge to mass murder diminishes hourly.

Whether or not this is a good thing I leave to the reader.

ae said...

Poor sweetie. Sending hugs and cups of tea. Take your medicine! Xanthippe loves you, hairball or no.

P.S. All the symptoms you describe, I have: Bitchiness? Check. Crabbiness? Check. Nervousness? Check. Just plain nasty-mouthed? Check. Hmm.