Friday, September 16, 2005

The PrezNutz Apppp....Apppp....Apologizes?

Well, I never.

Did I just see that nice W boy go on the teletube not once, but twice in as many days to say that maybe, almost, kinda, sorta he was sorry 'cause there was just the teeniest, tiniest chance that someone somewhere in his Madministration had maybe inadvertantly, accidentally, not done their job exactly completely right and iffin' so he was gonna lead the battle to find said malefactor and give him a right talkin' to and maybe a Freedom Medal.

Or not.

And while stating such apology did said PrezNutz exhibit the body language of a 13 year old who was being forced by his Mom to apologize for turpentining the neighbor's cat? Or was it possibly the facial expression of a 5 year old
who had just be told to take a bath after having rolled playfully around on the carcase of a dead skunk while in the company of his loyal beagle?

Did I really see that?

Or maybe it was the drugs.

Question is, mine or his?


Jane said...

"...the body language of a 13 year old who was being forced by his Mom to apologize..."

That's exactly what it looked like to me. I try to avoid having to look at or listen to the former governor of Texas, but caught that bit.

ae said...

Ditto what jane said. I try so hard to avoid his ass, but I caught a second or two of this. Talk about punishment (question is, mine or his?)!

handdrummer, the image of "his loyal beagle" is cracking me up.