Friday, April 29, 2005

I Want One! Right NOW! Faunch, faunch, snort, gimme now , Gimmenow!!!

Announcing the World's First Complete Digital Accordion
Roland is pleased to introduce another milestone in digital musical instrument history —the V-Accordion. Models FR-7 and FR-5 are the first instruments of their type to successfully integrate powerful digital technology such as new Physical Behavior Modeling (PBM) into a traditional accordion design, offering performance features and authentic sounds that appeal to a wide range of musical styles.(more)

Additional specs

Update: Just found out that one of these beauties will set me back $5900. Let's see, one semester's tuition. The accordian. One semester's tuition. The accordian. HMMMM. No problem, I think that I'd be perfectly happy living in that nice warm corrugated box over there and hell, food and meds are over rated anyway. Oh damn. BUT I WANT IT I TELL YOU! Maybe I should just rob the liquor store...

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