Thursday, April 14, 2005

via Jesus' General: The Latest in a Continuing Series of Lapses in Good Taste from the Fascist Likudniks at Little Green Footballs

Please, can someone explain to me how it's something to proud of, this being a 'minion' of a little pencil dicked lizard that screws footballs?

And while you're at it, also explain to me how on God's Green Earth that pride leads to you becoming a feverently racist jackbooted parody of a supporter of Israel, complete with the fascist Iron Cross, to the delight of proud Nazis everywhere?

Finally how do you justify slavishly following political idols who delight in producing on their subject peoples a re-enactment of the horrors visited on their own people by those self-same Nazis, actions that appear oh so very coldly calculated and deliberate?

Just asking, you understand. Kinda curious.

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