Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Favorite Place

End of the Road
Ettrick, Borders

Quite near the end of the road from Edinburgh thru Ettrick to the Ettrick Forest.
Within a half mile of my family home.

I like to pretend that, just there in the distance, nestled among the trees on the hillside, is my family's original smallholding. It gives a person a fine sense of rooted-ness to find where you spring from, don't you think?.


Jane Dennis said...

Beautiful pic(x) - I'm sorry we didn't have more time to go to our respective family places, although 22 Anfield St, Dundee isn't exactly scenic... but Loch Rannoch where the Clan Donnachaidh* traditionally gathered, is, I, er, gather (having never actually made it there). Scenic, that is.

You may imagine that I'd just as soon write "Donnachaidh" right now as Robertson, since that vile creature has been spouting again. At least there are so many Robertsons in Scotland, the name itself is hardly singled out.

handdrummer said...

Now Jane, careful with the 'vile creature' talk. Lord knows you wouldn't want to hurt Gollum's feelings by inadvertantly associating him with Pat the slime that walks and bleats like a man.