Thursday, August 25, 2005

On the Streets of Glasgow

The Glasgow Underground
Called the Clockwork Orange by the locals after its characteristic orange cars.

A small and simple system that basically circles the center of the city with trains going travelling both clockwise and counterclockwise. Combined with an extensive light rail network and frequent buses, The Orange greatly reduces the need for cars in the city. Many Glaswegians never use anything else.

St. Vincent Street (I think, though I'm probably wrong) going east.

Glasgow has many buildings made of the warm toned stone pictured here. Whole districts, like the area around the University, Hillhead, Kelvingrove and other parts of west Glasgow, were
built almost exclusively from this stone. The city feels all of a piece as a result.
The Duke of Wellington as well willingly participates in the Scottish obsession with rearranging traffic cones for artistic purposes.

The residential areas are full of little nicks and crannies like this one in the Hillhead district of west Glasgow. The cats tend toward the large and many are black with white markings. Very friendly as well, in that open Scottish way

Busker on the street near Glasgow University

A working, living city encourages street performance as a way of humanizing urban space. Most American cities try to 'regulate' or even forbid street performers.

'Nuff said

Buchanan (pr. buckkannon) Street The main shopping district of Glasgow
Every fancy shopping experience you would want.

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