Friday, August 26, 2005

Glaswegian Gardens

The magpie stalks his victim.
These relatives of our crow and raven are just as smart and subtle. They are not as vocal as our birds, however, seeming to partake in the general British reserve.
This one was at work in Kelvingrove Park in the west of Glasgow.

Another scene from the dense foliage covering parts of Kelvingrove.
Here deep inside the city one can find peace, quiet and nature.
Every bit as fine a parkland as Central Park in New York, though not as large.

A view of River Kelvin from deep in the Kelvingrove.
The tower of Glasgow University can be seen in the distance.

Another view of the River Kelvin.
It's difficult to believe that a busy, bustling city lies just beyond those trees in the distance.

This is one of my favorite spots in the world.

Kelvingrove Park.
I feared at first that the plant pictured was Giant Hogweed, a notorious invasive and physically dangerous species in the USA. But subsequent net-searching assured me that it was not.
I did encounter the deadly triffid-like monster Hogweed at another location along the Kelvin north of the of the park, however.

The Botanic Gardens
Kelvingrove Park, west Glasgow

Based on the evidence gathered on both my trips to Glasgow, twelve years apart, the Gardens are always under construction.
Someday, I may actually be able to go inside and tour them.


Jim Carroll said...

Yes, and as a Glaswegian, I offer you my sincerest apologies, we are working hard at it. The Glasgow Museum and Art Galleries are shut until 2007 I think, as well. Did you happen to notice if the city was any cleaner the second time you came?
Hoping this hasn¡t been your last visit to us. I liked your magpie picture, incidentally.
Best wishes

handdrummer said...

I hope it comes across in my comments just how much I love your city. The people are generous and friendly, the architecture most interesting and the arts and music scene stimulating.

Glasgow exudes the general feel of a being a quite livable city.

My comments on the Botanic Gardens are meant to be ironic, not criticism by the way. Sorry if it reads otherwise.

And yes, the city seemed much cleaner and more alive this visit than it did the first time.