Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Long and Busy Day in Edinburgh

Fringe Crowd
The Royal Mile

The crowd grew progressively greater as the day went on.
By evening I felt like an extra in War & Peace or Braveheart, we were so tightly packed together.

North Bridge

My cousin Allan Ramsay (the Elder) opened a bookshop just west of here in 173o .

(Note Arthur's Seat in the background and the roof of the train station in the foreground.)

A detail from the Parliment Building

A most heinous piece of governmental misery disguised as a building

Edinburgh Castle
From below the northern end

Till's Bookshop
The Meadows

A fine used bookstore
(taken on an earlier visit)

Holyrood Palace
Home of Mary, Queen of Scots

Are ye Mary Queen of Scots?
I am.

Smash. break. punch. scream, etc....
I think she's dead.
I'm not dead yet....

Arthur's Seat

This magnificent hulking volcanic lump rises from Holyrood park at the end of the Royal Mile
Best views of the city, for those with the energy to climb it.
The sunrises are said to be spectacular

Anchor Close
Off the Royal Mile

Edinburgh Castle

Princes Street & Gardens
From the Castle
(taken on an earlier visit as it proved impossible even to get near the Castle this time)

Botanic Gardens

Blissfully uncrowded and near Princes Street.

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